Isaiah & Wordles

12 Aug

You may know that Isaiah is considered to be somewhat of a mini-Bible. The first 39 chapters correlate with the 39 books in the Old Testament and the last 27 chapters correlate with the 27 books of the New Testament. I find things like this fascinating, and as I am studying through the book of Isaiah Hebrew word by Hebrew word, I decided to run the English words through Wordle.

isaiah chart

Wordle is an app that creates art from words, but art that is based on fact:  The more repetitions of a word, the larger Wordle makes it, which makes it an interesting tool with which to analyze literature.

Here is the Wordle of Isaiah chapters 1-39:

wordle 3

Here is the Wordle of Isaiah chapters 40 – 66.


What questions does this bring to mind? What does it make you wonder? I know that as I’ve been studying Isaiah, the beautiful thing is how much hope there is, even in the chapters that speak condemnation.

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