17 Aug

IMG_8022My dear friend, Vicki Welter, posted a photograph of a book and a thank you to the friend who gave it to her on Facebook today.  It intrigued me enough to look the author up online and take a look at her writing.  This is a sample of her delightful work.

When He Comes

“When He comes!
My sweetest ‘When’!”
Thus may it be (I thought) at some day’s close,
Some lilac-haunted eve, when every rose
Breathes forth its incense. May He find me there,
In holy leisure, lifting hands of prayer,
In some sweet garden place,
To catch the first dear wonder of His Face!Or, in my room above,
In silent meditation of His love,
My soul illumined with a rapture rare.
It would be sweet, if even then, these eyes
Might glimpse Him coming in the Eastern skies,
And be caught up to meet Him in the air.

But now! Ah, now, the days
Rush by their hurrying ways!
No longer know I vague imaginings,
For every hour has wings.
Yet my heart watches . . . as I work I say,
All simply, to Him: “Come! And if to-day,
Then wilt Thou find me thus: just as I am —
Tending my household; stirring gooseberry jam;
Or swiftly rinsing tiny vests and hose,
With puzzled forehead patching some one’s clothes;
Guiding small footsteps, swift to hear, and run,
From early dawn till setting of the sun.”

And whensoe’er He comes, I’ll rise and go,
Yes, all the gladlier that He found me so.

Written by Fay Inchfawn

Fay Inchfawn was the pen name of Mrs Elizabeth Rebecca Ward. Elizabeth was born in England on 2nd December 1880 and died on 16th April 1978.

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