Champion Floater

1 Apr

I am not an athlete in any way, shape, or form.  However, I think that I can unequivocably state that I am a champion floater.  Through some twist of body fat and fate, I can lean back trusting that lovely body of water to fully support me and it does.

Abandonment is the key to so much in life–enjoyment of the present moment, marital relations, and most importantly, our intimate relationship with Jesus.  Jeanne Guyon, a mystic from the 1600s speaks of abandonment to the Lord as a form of prayer “which is just as suited for the dull and the ignorant as it is for the well-educated.  This prayer, this experience which begins so simply, has at its end a totally abandoned love to the Lord.”

The other day I was feeling the onset of a whiny attack as we waited for the third of three busses we take to get to church.  I decided to abandon myself and float.  “I abandon this day to you, Jesus, I whispered, and everything changed.  I don’t mean a bus magically appeared, but I changed.  Hmm.  Perhaps my lone athletic skill of floating will be coming in handy despite how it looked on the surface.

“The King’s daughter is all glorious within.” Psalm 45:13

Guyon, J. (MCMLXXV). Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ, Seedsowers Publishing: Jacksonville, FL.

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