Words to Think On

6 Mar

large__2871096076This poem was written by a Greater Grace pastor, Bill Cannon, a missionary to Haiti who died recently.

Counsel me, sweet Word of God.

My heart is cold and numb.

I want to hear Your mighty voice

In mercy bid me “come.”


Gird me with strength, O Captain mine,

Send gloominess of heart

Back to the pit from whence it came.

Repel the fiery dart.


Pick up the pieces of my life,

All scattered in the street.

Build solid works, O Carpenter,

From splinters in my feet.


I call on you from depths below.

Be pleased to lift me up.

My bread has turned to ashes.

Be pleased to let me sup.


Your purpose for my life, it seems,

Is long and meaningless.

Unless my way is hid from you,

Please come to me and bless.


O fill me with Your goodness,

With the bounty of Your store.

The treasures of Your house, I know,

Lie just beyond the door.


I mark the handle and the hinge,

The knocker gives a jolt.

I think I taste the love within,

But why the lock and bolt?


I chart as on a map the face

With whose glory the whole house glistens,

Who alone has the power to open the door,

But who in silence listens.


Open to me, please open now,

My sore hands do implore.

Still I know He hears me.

Still undisturbed the door.


Though the warmth and light are shut inside

And I in the darkness and damp,

Within me burns unquenchable

The shining light of a lamp.


I cannot report as I write these lines

Any stirring of the lock,

Only there grows a certainty,

“He opens to those who knock.”


by Pastor Bill Cannon

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