5th Sunday Shock-a-roo

12 Dec

IMG_6941Last Sunday was our 5th Sunday service in Costa Rica, and the whole thing started out kind of strangely.  Mike and I waited outside for about an hour and a half for the guard to come and open the buiding.  As we waited, others trickled in for the service–and it was a trickle, not a gathering.  Nevertheless, there was great joy in the fellowship.

We were let in the building a few minutes after our service was supposed to actually begin.  We threw the snacks on the table in the foyer and got the coffee going for a post-service coffee cafe instead of the normal pre- and post-service cups of coffee.  The men decided to forgo setting up the sound system, and with so few of us there–12 altogether–it was an intimate service as well.

The message was about intimacy with God, our husband, but began with 4 steps we can take away from God toward the world, another lover:  1) Friendship/flirtation with the world.  (James 4.4); 2) Minds contaminated by the world.  (James 1:27); 3) Love of the world. (1 John 2:15); 4) Conformity to the world.  (Romans 12:2).  His message ended in a joyous crescendo about the intimacy the bride of Christ (us) can have with Jesus.  It was challenging and motivating.

Then Mike announced that normally he would be announcing “We have Sunday service here every Sunday at 10:00,” but on the way into the building he was told this was our last Sunday there–the building has been sold.  We all burst out laughing and are eagerly awaiting God’s plan.  I love it when guidance is SO obvious–a door slammed firmly shut.

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