Low Delegation Skills

6 Nov

photo credit: wolfpix via photopin cc

In general, I have limited delegation skills.  (Our sons would be laughing now, because I had NO problem delegating chores when they were growing up.)  I really hate to put people out and there’s probably an element of control there too.  I admit there was once a prophesy spoken over me that said, “Jesus holds tightly to your hand while you try to pull this way and that way.”  There’s certainly truth there.

I’ve been wondering if there’s a correlation between low delegation skills and lack of resting in Christ.  I mean, in a way, resting means delegating the work to Him and not trying to do it myself.  Delegating things that I could NEVER do by myself in my own strength–kind of like watching a toddler try to carry a suitcase.

Just a thought.  Yours?

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