Christ’s Mind We Have Pt. 2

23 May

The other day, we looked at a translation of 1 Corinthians 2:16b which says, Christ’s mind we have!  Let’s look at the how and how not of having wisdom from Christ.

How Not?

  • Through our senses:  (eye hath not seen, nor ear heard)   We do not live by sight.
  • Through our natural mind:  (neither have entered into the heart of man)


  • Know that God has prepared them.  God has his counsels prepared beforehand to hold in reserve.  Nothing is a surprise to God.
  • We receive these counsels. . .
    • through the revelation of the Holy Spirit (v. 10,11).
    • through receiving the teaching of the Holy Spirit (v. 12, 13).
    • through spiritual discernment/illumination given by having Christ’s mind  (v.14-16).

Christ’s mind we have!

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