Culture ~ A Few Thoughts

17 Apr

I am fascinated by how our cultures shape us–our family culture, our regional and national cultures, and–if we are Christian–our church culture.  I just want to share a few quotes from George Grant’s book, The Micah Mandate, that I found thought-provoking:

According to [Saint] Augustine, culture is not a reflection of a people’s race, ethnicity, folklore, language, or heritage.  Rather, it is an outworking of a people’s creed.  In other words, culture is the temporal manifestation of a people’s faith.  If a culture begins to change, it is not because of fads, fashions, or the passing of time; it is because of a shift in worldview–it is because of a change of faith.  Thus, race, ethnicity, folklore, politics, language, and heritage are simply expressions of a deeper paradigm rooted in the covenantal and spiritual matrix of a community’s church and the integrity of its witnesses.

Hmm. . .

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