Do the Do-Able

22 Feb

While cleaning a closet this morning, I came across something that I translated into Spanish and gave to the women in our church years ago.  It bears repeating, and I have NO idea who to credit with this.

The Possible and the Impossible:  We mothers should take care of the possible and trust in God for the impossible.

The Possible:

  • Love, afirm, encourage, teach, listen
  • Pray intelligently, logically, urgently, without ceasing, and with faith
  • Enjoy being a mother
  • Provide a caring, happy home
  • Minister to the physical and emotional necessities the best we can

The Impossible (God’s Part):

  • Convict of sin
  • Create a hunger and thirst for righteousness
  • Convert
  • Bring one to a place of total dedication to the Lord
  • Show us ourselves as we are without discouraging us
  • Continually fill us with His Holy Spirit for our sanctification and His service

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