28 Nov

“But he’s a master of that art.  It’s his whole life.  I doubt if he himself has any idea what it’s like to be so paralyzed by fear that you feel small and insignificant.  But he knows just how to arouse that fear and spread it, in people’s homes and their beds, in their heads and their hearts.  His men spread fear abroad like the Black Death, they push it under doors and through mailboxes, they paint it on walls and stable doors until it infects everything around it of it’s own accord, silent and stinking like a plague.” ~ Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

We must remember the source of our fears.  It is the enemy who spreads fear and doubt among us.  Last night I was teaching a women’s Bible study at church.  I’m doing a year-long series on family.  Last night the theme was, The Family is a Refuge.  The text I used was Matthew 25:34 – 40, when we serve others–even when we don’t see results–we are serving Christ.  I used the examples given (clothing the naked, visiting the sick, visiting the prisoners, feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, and taking in strangers) in both their straightforward and metaphorical senses.  For example, a prisoner can be in the county jail or can be a prisoner to anger, pride, drugs, etc.

What I saw on the faces of the women I taught last night was fear and discouragement.  They had little hope that situations in their families would change.  They did not seem encouraged that even when we don’t see results we are ministering to Jesus.  Their fear is in control.  However,

He has given us the privilege,

74 since we have been rescued

from our enemies’ clutches,

to serve Him without fear

75 in holiness and righteousness

in His presence all our days.  Luke 1: 73b – 75

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