Once Upon a Time

5 Oct

Chase now.

Once upon a time, when we lived in Quito, I was really missing my grandson, Chase, and wondering if he could understand why grandma and grandpa lived so far away if they loved him so much.  So I made him a book about how grandma and grandpa loved him very much, how each of them had received Christ as their Savior, and why they now lived in Quito–so they could tell other people about Jesus Christ.

A few years later, we were staying in Chase’s house, and when we left to do some errands Chase brought the book out for his mother to read to him.  When she got to the part about how grandma and grandpa had received Christ, Chase asked if he could receive Christ too, and his mother led him to the Lord.  How we rejoiced and teared up when we heard this news.

“Life is not a list of propositions, it is a series of dramatic scenes.  As Eugene Peterson said, ‘We live in narrative, we live in story.  Existence has a story shape to it.  We have a beginning, and an and, we have a plot, we have characters.’ Story is the language of the heart. ~ Brent Curtis

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