Crinkly Dry

2 Oct

Love, abundant love!

Marital relationships run in cycles.  We have times when we are madly in love, communicating, and thoroughly enjoying time together, and we have times when we are, well, things are just kind of crinkly dry.  It doesn’t take any effort to move from madly in love, but it takes a lot of effort to move from crinkly dry to madly in love.

I find that my relationship with Jesus is the same.  Now, I know on his part that nothing is lacking.  So it’s on me–totally–when things get crinkly dry.  I’m not trying to be legalistic, as a matter of fact his grace when we allow our relationship to crinkle is amazing to me.  All we need to do is focus on all he’s done, all he is, all he will remain.  Yes, it still takes effort, but unlike in a marriage we can predict the end result.  Life.  Abundant overflowing life.

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