He Said, She Said.

25 Sep

I'm important. Have you thought about me, me, me??

He said to his dizzy wife on the couch, “I’ll stop at McDonalds and eat between the gym and grocery shopping.”

She heard, “I’m making sure that I get something to eat  Forget about you.”

She said, “Can’t you stop at McDonalds after you grocery shop and get me something too?”

He heard, “I want you to pay extra for the taxi and go through McDonalds with all the groceries.”

Later calling him at the gym, she said, “I’m sorry, hon.  Go ahead and go to McDonalds between the gym and grocery shopping and I’ll heat my cheeseburgers in the microwave.”

He heard, “Don’t worry about anything, I’ll microwave myself something for dinner.”

Later still, he came into their bedroom with a huge bouquet of flowers for her.  She waited a while for him to get organized and finally asked, “Did you pick me up cheeseburgers?”

He said, “Oops.  I didn’t listen.”

This evening of conversation shows us the MANY opportunities we have to engage in real grace listening and grace responding.  When we fail we need to bounce back and try again.  P.S.  We did end the evening with a lot of giggling as we realized how ridiculous we’d been.

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