Letting Go

23 Sep

” On Monday, once again the sky was inordinately bright and blue, not a hint of the rain I almost wished would come and postpone this moment.  Bob climbed on his bicycle, trying to look grown up, to suppress his eagerness.  I took a deep breath.  “Okay, God, he’s in your hands.

It was a small thing, letting him make his own way to school, so small, one might wonder why I would even chronicle it.  My answer is because sometimes you can glimpse the essence of something in a tiny fragment of it–like seeing the oak in the acorn or the ocean in a wave.  So much of parenthood is negotiating endings, the unceasing process of disconnecting the strings that tie our children to us, preparing them for a life on their own.  This has always been the ache and beauty of it for me–taking the deep breath and trusting somehow in the goodness of life, in God, in something beyond myself” ~ Sue Monk Kidd

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