One Task Beyond . . .

10 Sep

Last night I was cooking a GREAT dinner, but lo and behold my multi-tasking went one task beyond my actual ability to multi-task.

Let me paint the picture:  I’ve been trying to recreate my favorite dish from Carabba’s, which is Chicken Bryan, for a year.  Some attempts had a measure of success and others not so much.  I tried using the Carabba’s recipe which you might think would be a sure thing.  No deal.  I’ve gradually decided on a chicken recipe from my favorite Italian cookbook for the chicken portion, a new goat cheese that melts well and is not grainy that my husband found, home-dried cherry tomatoes, and a sauce from Julia Child that is reduced vinegar with butter beaten in.  We think the combination even surpasses Carabba’s recipe.

But when I cooked last night I was reducing the vinegar while creating a fruit salad while keeping a watchful eye on the melting goat cheese while listening to a phone conversation Mike was having upstairs on Skype.  Like I said, just one task beyond my multi-tasking ability.  Suddenly my vinegar reduced to a charred, smoking mess in the saucepan.

It was an easy fix as I could start over the the vinegar would reduce in minutes.  But what I realized is that is how I approach life in my human strength.  I multi-task until there is some sort of meltdown and THEN ask for God’s help.

God save me from operating in my own strength!

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