Self Help is No Help 2

19 Aug

Sometimes just the smallest twist in wording can open up new thoughts and understandings.  I’m slowly working my way through Andrew Murray’s book, The Master’s Indwelling.  I read one chapter every Saturday so I can mull it over all week long.  This week I’ve been mulling over the self life.

Murray writes about how amazing it was that Peter recognized Jesus as the Christ, and immediately following, misguidedly protested the death of Christ.  (Matthew 16) Now listen to this:

Then Christ went on to say, “Remember, it is not only I who am to be crucified, but you; it is not only I who am to die, but you also.  If a man would be my disciple, he must deny self, and he must take up his cross and follow me.”

I’ve heard the teaching about Christ’s death and our death for years and years, but somehow Andrew Murray’s paraphrase of what Jesus said to Peter leaped out and grabbed my heart.  My paraphrase:  “Listen, buddy, we’re all in this death and dying thing together.  All who follow me need to learn to die—daily.  I will die so that you can die.  And then comes a glorious resurrection.”  (If I were a preacher, I’d be shouting about now.)

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