ADD of the Soul

5 Aug

Being There

I begin to observe myself in the presence of others, friends and strangers alike, and I’m surprised by the level of my availability.  I watch my restless heart, the mercurial way my mind sweeps from one thing to another, the way my ego holds forth, keeping me abreast of my own expectations, wants, and preoccupations, criticizing, comparing, competing, imposing views. I realize that I can be with someone, but on a deeper level I’m not available to them at all.  I have attention deficit disorder of the soul. ~ Sue Monk Kidd from Firstlight

When I think about how precious each person is to God, I think it is important to become “present” to people around us.  Twice this week I was teaching workshops to my fellow teachers and when an abrasively framed question was made, I immediately became defensive instead of “present.”  I later found out that one instance was a semantics issue that could have been cleared up, and the other was a good question that had a good answer.  Ah well.

I also find myself half-listening to my husband when I’m in task-oriented mode.  Not a good thing.  The only solution that I know is to ask God to help me be present each time I begin to speak with someone.   Probably a quick, “Help me,” will suffice.  🙂

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