Soul Power (oh so corny, I know)

3 Aug

O my soul, you have said to the LORD,“You are my Lord, My goodness is nothing apart from You.”  Psalm 16:2

I want my soul to be in more and more communication with the Lord.  Sometimes I feel that on a busy day my soul does a quick check in and that’s about it.  I want to have more discipline in this area.  As Sue Monk Kidd wrote in Firstlight,

It was excruciatingly easy to lose touch with the inner life of the soul.  There was such a profusion of demand and complexity, so many to-do lists, the unceasing compulsion to accomplish something.  When I read that the Chinese pictograph for busyness is “heart killing,” I felt the truth of that in my bones.

How can we stop killing our hearts and start (or restart) nourishing our souls? For me it is choosing something simple that reminds me to commune with God for just a moment. I guess that’s the secret behind the flower theme on this blog. We have flowers year round in Guayaquil–and the flowers here range from sweetly delicate to lushly flamboyant. When I see flowers, I focus on God for that moment:  thinking about his amazing creativity and power and love.

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