True Hospitality

27 Jun

Pursue the practice of hospitality.  Romans 12:13b

We travel all summer visiting family for about six weeks.  We stay in many homes along the way:  with our children, our siblings, our friends, and Mike’s parents.  We are so blown away by the hospitality that we receive.  I was looking for some quotes about hospitality on the Internet, and most of them were about speeding your guests on their way.  We encounter so much REAL hospitality while we are on the road…people who make us feel welcome, people who make us feel welcome, and (it bears repeating) people who make us feel welcome.

That’s what true hospitality is:  from the Chinese dinner cooked for us by our Chinese friend to a bed in a hot home in Baltimore.  It’s not the food, the bed (whether lumpy or luxurious), or the state of the house (gorgeous or a mess).  It’s the welcome.  It’s the attitude.  Thank you so much to all of you–and you know who you are.

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