10 Jan

Grandma & I, many moons before this story took place

About 25 years ago I spent Christmas in the hospital with my grandma, who had had a stroke the night before.  I’d gotten the book, In His Steps by Charles Sheldon, for as a gift and we spent the day alternating between massages on her paralyzed side and reading the book together.  It ended up being a beautiful Christmas for us both as we thought more and more about the question, “What would Jesus do?” and the implications for our lives.

A few years ago I began to question the Lord directly, “What should I say now?”  “What should I do now?”  and I feel that these questions were more effective in providing direction for my life.

Recently, however, I’ve switched to another question which can and should be asked at any moment during the day:  What does love demand of me right now?  WWJD put me in a situation where I had to imagine Jesus in my classroom talking to the student that I know is lying.  What would Jesus do?? Probably write the lie in the sand.  Not much help.  “What should I do or say now” is a great question to ask when facing any situation and I’ve received unmeasurable direction from it.  But “what would love (or Love) demand of me now” has gotten me out of a hammock to make a sandwich for Mike and has had me give over computer time instead of demanding time for myself.

As long as we stay away from a sentimentally sweet and sappy definition of love, and remember that agape love is doing what’s best for another, it’s a great question to ask.

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