Fear of Loneliness: Part 3

6 Jan

And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.  Luke 9:23

Are we willing to journey with Jesus or is He simply tacked on to our lives like some sort of insurance rider?  To deal with loneliness or the threat of loneliness we need to take up his cross daily.  We need to die deeply.  We need to come to a place of acceptance, not as fatalists, but as people who accept that God can work through the events of our lives for good.

We have been shown the way of acceptance on every page of the life of Jesus.  It sprang from love and from trust.  He set His face like a flint toward Jerusalem.  He took up the Cross of His own will.  No one could take His life from Him.  He deliberately laid it down.  he calls us to take up our crosses.  That is a different thing from capitulation or resignation.  It is a glad and voluntary YES to the conditions we meet on our journey with Him, because these are the conditions He wants us to share with Him.  Events are the sacraments of the Will of God–that is, they are visible signs of an invisible Reality.  These provide the very place where we may learn to love and trust.  Heaven waits for our response. — Elizabeth Elliot

Did you catch that?  “Events are the sacraments of the Will of God.”  Does that ever give me a different take on my loneliness!  Let’s walk sacramentally through the events of today with Christ.

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