Realities of Life: Things are not always peachy-keen

16 Sep

Knowledge of our forgiveness leads to hearts that leap with joy.

I found this in a book that I’m reading right now and it spoke to my heart.  I hope it speaks to yours.

” The realities of life, if faced in the stark, naked light of day, do not immediate reveal His goodness.  His perfect character cannot be easily seen in the shards of a sin-broken world.  The question about His goodness must be approached in the light of the awe and wonder one finds in being forgiven through the atonement of the Cross.  His goodness shines bright in the light of His redemptive love.

If God’s goodness is looked for primarily in turns of fortune–a car screeches to a halt a few inches from your child, a check comes in the mail at the right moment from an unknown friend, a diagnosis of malignancy is found to be incorrect–then the verdict on His heart toward us will always be pending on the arrival of a new set of facts.  We will, then, become either a judge (“How can God be good, if He let my son die?!”) or a bargainer (“God, I’ll know You are good if You bring my husband back to me.”).  God does not seem to show his goodness to those who peer through the lens of a skeptical examiner or a demanding negotiator.  The Evil One uses the pain and confusion of a fallen world to shadow doubt over God’s goodness.  As long as the laughter of being forgiven is silenced by the somber tones of doubt and anger, God’s goodness will be shrouded in the darkness of the world.  Forgiveness is the light that penetrates the dark and frees the somber, shamed heart to leap with love.”  Bold Love by Dr. Dan B. Allender

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