Sea Glass

3 Sep

This morning I spoke with one of my beloved nieces.  We prayed, laughed, and cried together.  We talked about the difficulties that her family has faced in the last year or so and inevitably ran up against the question, Why? “We just have to trust,” I said, “that Jesus has a purpose in every bit of it.”

I began to think of something I’d read about sea glass in Streams of the Desert. The devotional compares stones in a deserted cove to stones that are turned into lovely sea glass by the crashing of the waves.

The quietness and peace have left them as they have always been–rough, unpolished, and devoid of beauty–for polish is the result of difficulties.

Since God knows what niche we are to fill, let us trust Him to shape us to it.  and since He knows what work we are to do, let us trust Him to grind us so we will be properly prepared.

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