Jesus says, “Come to me” Part 3

27 Aug

Passion Flower: Christ's passion for us is unlimited

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

God gives us a promise:  All we need to do to find rest is come to Him.  The word for rest—anapaúo—means to give rest, to quiet, to recreate, to refresh.

  • Rest. I picture my jaw relaxing, my shoulders lowering, my muscles massaged until they stop complaining.  I picture sleeping through the night and awakening with energy to face the day.
  • To quiet brings to mind a mother quieting her child—the child cradled in her arms as she croons comforting words.  I often need to be quieted.  My thoughts can easily become popcorn flying out of control around my brain.
  • To recreate. To create again.  I never before thought about the connection between recreate and recreation.  Mike and I recently went to Quito for a long weekend, and although we didn’t mountain bike or climb, our hand-in-hand walks through the streets and parks and cafes of the lovely old city recreated us—individually and as a couple.
  • To refresh. What things do I find refreshing?  Coffee and laughter with friends and family.  A dip in the pool after work.  Watching the stars sparkle through the skylight at Hosteria Dos Chorreros.

All of my examples are physical examples.  God will give us rest, quiet us, recreate us, and refresh us in every way—body, soul, and spirit.  What a promise!  And He promises to do it again and again—as often as we need when we come to Him.

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