Rip Tides

17 Jul

8 year old grandson, Blake

I came across an interesting post by Julie Sanders the other day.

If you’ve been to the beach you’ve probably heard about Rip Currents. The strong pull of ocean tides have the potential to pull swimmers out to sea, and the outcome can be deadly. One reason people drown is exhaustion from fighting the current. Life is sometimes filled with dangerous rip currents, and we face potentially dangerous levels of exhaustion if we don’t get to a place of rest and sanctuary.

We just came from Florida and I got to watch our son and grandsons surf…harnessing the power of the ocean for their enjoyment, using split-second timing and physical skill.

The ocean has power to be reckoned with, and when caught in a rip current our natural tendency is to fight as it drags us out to sea and try to make straight for shore.  However, the way out is counterintuitive–to swim sideways along the shore until the current loses its grip and you can swim to safety.  God wants us to take the counterintuitive way and simply rest in Him, like a child in his arms, when we are caught in the currents of life.

God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.  Job 37:5

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