Worry Not; Pray Instead

27 Jun

Breakfast with devotional time while traveling

6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  Philippians 4:6

We need to dissect this verse carefully.  It’s the key to dealing with worry, and worry is the “gateway drug” to fear.  Anxious–merimnao–means anxious care, or to be troubled about something.  The beginning of this verse is translated “Stop worrying about even one thing.” in Wuest’s Expanded Translation. We all worry, or we wouldn’t have to stop worrying.

I’ve noticed that other people’s worries can see silly to us, while our worries seem quite legitimate.  Everyone has a different threshold for worry and different chinks in their armor where worry sneaks in.  Mike doesn’t seem to worry about anything–until his mother has health problems.  I worry about family.  Others worry about every little thing.  The point is that whatever is not of faith is sin.  Do we trust God or are we calling Him untrustworthy as we worry?  This is not at all meant to be condemning, we simply need to see that we need to bring our worries to Him to deal with.

“Present your requests” is written in the present imperative active tense which means we are to continuously and repeatedly present our requests to God.  The opposite of present is to hide or keep secret.  So instead of keeping our worry a supposed secret, we talk opening with God about it and ask Him to take care of things.  What a relief!  The pressures off.  It’s God’s problem.

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